Anyone stumbling onto this ship full of ‘hot chicks’ would be in for a big surprise. In fact the guy pictured here sure was! He was in trouble and got plucked out of the drink by two of them. As they revived him he thought maybe he’d died and gone to heaven when he looked up and saw these two beautiful faces looking at him with concern.

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It was no dream though and things got even more surreal when they both started undressing him and running their lips and tongues all down his body. It was then he discovered they both had huge bulges in their pants and he was in fact on a shemale pirate ship!

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For those of you into 3D monster porn I want to let you know about a fantastic new site featuring a tonne of quality stuff. Have a look at a couple of pics for an example of the wild CGI they have. Their work is full of fantasy with bizarre and down right weird mythological beasts, monsters and other assorted characters having sex with hot girls.

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These two have the right idea. I am a firm believer in saving water and what better way to do that than share a shower with somebody. Preferably with a hot chick like in this picture… although with a girl like than I may well end up in there way too long and waste even more water lol.

The screen soon steams over once they get going. They embrace and tongue kiss as the warm water streams down over them and beads down their bodies. They are almost oblivious to it as they get carried with passion.

She rubs his wet cock and he is well and truly hard and ready to slip it inside her equally soaked pussy.

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I gotta give credit to the Sexvilla adult game player that created this super hot fantasy. He has created three of the hottest video game babes I have ever seen. Forget Lara Croft and those busty DOA girls, these hotties take the cake. I particularly like the sexy brunette with the Playboy bunny ears. Her two lesbian friends seem to like her a lot too as you can see by what unfolds in the pictures below.

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This little hottie is more interested in taking ride on a nice big hard dick than any of the rides at the amusement park. She gets way more fun out of grinding that pretty ass against a cute boy than the Ferris Wheel. Check out this clip of the naughty sex kitten with her new play friend. His dick doesn’t stand a chance up against her warm wet hole.

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Lets face it we all have unfulfilled sexual fantasies. Stuff you will never find the right girl (or girls if you are ambitious like me haha) to do just the way you want or maybe you just want hot chicks that are way out of your league. Rather than get down on it why not live out these sex fantasies through a video game? Thousands do and I am now one of them!

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