The one and only reason I watched Transformers 2 at the cinema was to look at the sexy Megan Fox. Man this woman is smoking hot. The only problem is we don’t see nearly enough of her in the movie. I couldn’t help but wanna see more skin every time she was on screen. I started fantasizing about seeing her getting naked and getting fucked by Shia LaBeouf.

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Then I started imagining how hot a sex scene would have been between her and the giant robots! Well the guys at GoGo Celeb are mind readers it seems because they have just realized this very celebrity fantasy. Look at their version of how the movie should have been made in this Transformers sex scene!

If the film had featured x-rated action like this I’d be inclined buy the Blu-ray! With Megan Fox porn worked into the story line this would be heaven. Speaking of the beautiful young actress I found these Megan Fox fakes too if you really want to see her naked.

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