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Another adorable little angel for you today. This is one of the sexiest petite girls we have seen so far from 3D Love Dolls. The tiny blonde has it all – a pretty face with huge blue eyes and a slender and perfect body that you just can’t take your eyes off.

petite girls

As always they have done a big set of renders of this slim teen posing in all kinds of naughty positions. See them all at 3D Love Dolls, along with many more of their computer generated dream girls.

Y’know we post a lot of renders of naked girls here and so we should. Sometimes though a fully clothed woman can be every bit as sexy to look at if not more so. Such is the case with these two magnificent pictures from the 3D Archive site. Yes these are 3D models and not actual photos in case you were wondering.

sexy secretary

The first shows something all men fantasize about regularly – a sexy secretary. Dressed to the nines those legs would drive every male co-worker to absolute distraction I am sure. The other shot shows an equally sexy woman working out in the gym. I note she didn’t use a seat towel but with an ass like hers I am sure no guy is gonna mind.

fitness babes

Want more? Visit 3D Archive to see tonnes of sexy 3D models like this. All members also get free access to close to a 1,000 other porn sites too when they join so check them out.

If only this girl was real! That was all I could think as I looked at the renders of this hottie and she is easily one of the most beautiful 3D models we have ever posted. Don’t take our word for it though, take a look at these preview images from the full set and see if you agree.


Her lithe young body is every bit as perfect as her dreamy face. Nice perky boobies, sexy flat belly and boy would I like to stuff her hairless little clam too!

You can see more digital dream girls like her at 3D Love Dolls. Join up to see all of their CGI babes as well as getting exclusive access to many of their other sites too.

I have to admit to be a sucker for a sexy girl in a schoolgirl uniform. Around my area these jail bait teens where the most outrageously short little tartan plaid skirts to school. You know the type, so tight you can just about see their ass cheeks hanging out the bottom and their sexy legs must be a constant tease to any male teacher.

short school skirt

Anyway I just saw a great video of a sexy schoolgirl in just such a revealing uniform. Take a look at a few stills from it in this free gallery and then go to the HD Animations site to see the full video in glorious 1920×1080 high definition.

Another pretty digital girl for you today. This one is a slim teen with small breasts and a very pretty face. She is completely naked in this series of pictures. Some will be excited by her pretty bare feet I am sure. For me it’s the complete package. That cute little sex kitten face combined with her delicious slender body is just tantalizing.

slim teen

You can see the full series of renders of this petite teenage babe at 3D Love Dolls, along with a whole bunch more of their CGI cuties.

The great thing about computer generated girls is that they can be made to fit any fantasy the artist can think of. Take this cute short haired little nymph as a prime example. You won’t see many real girls that look like her with her shocking yellow hair and vine covered body. If you do you are a lucky guy!

fantasy girls

Her big wide eyes and pouty lips really give her that ‘alive’ factor that is missing in a lot of the crappy 3D porn we see. The guys at 3D Love Dolls always nail that aspect we find. We have shown tonnes of their models here over the years and they always do quality work. Swing by their site to preview more of their fantasy girls.

Something you don’t see anywhere near as much of today as you did in the 80s and 90s is heavy metal girls. The level of decline in popularity of metal has led to this but you can still see some young hotties dolled up in typical metal chick outfits at some concerts. Check out this pigtailed teen in her skin tight black leather. She flashes her tits like all good metal babes and then just goes topless altogether.

topless metal chick

If you like these renders then make sure you take a look at more of what the 3D Love Dolls site has to offer. We have featured many of their models over the years and their are some hot ones among them.

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